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Forever Business Card

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Digitize Your Forever Business with Forever Card Club - Your Solution for Efficient Sales and Recruitment.

Enhance Your Business with Forever Card Club

In the digital age, it's more crucial than ever to have tools that enable efficient and swift business operations. Such a tool is the Forever Card Club - a comprehensive software designed for Team Extreme Pro associates working with the company Forever Living Products. On the app, you can find two specialized packages specifically created for selling Forever products through the official webshop of the Forever company with your recommendation. The app system is fully automated, allowing you to enter your Forever Living Products ID number upon activation, thereby automatically adapting access links for Forever webshops in over 20 countries worldwide. Each link includes a recommendation (your referral code) from Forever Living Products, which automatically registers potential customers under you in the Forever Living Products company. Each user, upon activating a package, also receives a special (bio link with embedded Forever Webshop) that can be posted on their social networks, email signatures, or published articles on the internet. This way, you automate the sale of Forever products worldwide online.

Forever Beginner

The Forever Beginner package is designed for those who want to maximize their sale of Forever products in Offline business. This package includes a system for automated ordering of Forever products and a beautiful and straightforward design of your digital link in the style of Forever Living Products. All this can be set up automatically, with just one click, without the need for programming knowledge. THIS PACKAGE IS COMPLETELY FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE TEAM EXTREME PRO TEAM.

Forever Pro

The Forever Pro package is intended for those who want to expand their business in the Online world and automate the recruitment of new members into their team. The Forever Pro package includes everything the Forever Beginner does, plus a plethora of options adapted for Online business (automation for social networks, Forever Living Products sponsorship video, and the ability to collect email addresses and phone numbers (Viber/WhatsApp) of people interested in business cooperation or wanting to order products. This package contains everything needed to digitize your global Forever business. One of the most significant advantages of the Forever Pro package is the SPECIAL Forever Pro education, which will guide you step by step to complete automation of your Forever business on social networks.

Both packages are designed for different user needs! If you are actively working on sales and recruitment and want to expand your Forever business globally and ONLINE. FOREVER PRO is the right choice for you. On the other hand, Forever Beginner is perfect for those who occasionally recommend products in the Offline world and are not focused on recruiting new associates.


Associates of the Team Extreme Pro team who register on the Forever Card platform receive a special gift: A Black/Gold premium Forever Club card! A personalized NFC card with the Forever logo and your name and surname. This card enables easy product sales and recruitment of new associates in your offline business. This is a special gift from Forever Card Club to all new subscribers, as a welcome to our team.

Regardless of your business goals, Forever Card Club can help you accelerate and automate your business.

With free registration, you will be one step closer to successful and efficient online business.

May your business journey be easier and more successful with Forever Card Club.

Register today and take advantage of all the benefits offered by the new digital age.

Updated on 3 May, 2024